Kingo’s mission is to turn lives ON! and its vision is to provide clean, safe and affordable solar energy for the 1.3 billion people without access to electricity worldwide, eliminating the need for expensive and unsustainable alternatives.

Kingo’s off-grid solar energy service is prepaid and Kingo trained distributors exist in each community so that customers can buy energy with complete flexibility by the hour, the day, the week or the month.

Customers buy activation codes to use the energy captured by their solar panel and stored ready for use in their system.

Having bright light and power in the home is something that none of us wish to live without. It also has a massive impact on our ability to live happy, educated, connected, productive and healthy lives.

Kingo improves human development by replacing expensive, dangerous and unsustainable fossil fuel consumption with clean, renewable and affordable energy that everyone can enjoy safely.

- Latest news -

Kingo Central America's expansion

Kingo Central America is expanding rapidly, providing its prepaid solar energy service to thousands of customers in Guatemala’s largest region Petén, bordering Mexico and Belize.


Kingo’s model is replicable and applicable worldwide meaning that its service has the ability to reach customers in need of electricity wherever they are.

Kingo provides its market partners with the technology, know-how and quality assurance best practices needed to become successful Kingo service providers.

Kingo operates in Central America and South Africa.