Kingo es una compañía de servicios de energía renovable que sirve a comunidades rurales sin acceso a la red eléctrica.

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Chief Product Officer

REPORTS TO:     Chief Executive Officer

FUNCTION:         Product Development


DATE:                    January 2018

RANK:                   Chief Officer



The responsibilities of the CPO are inclusive of product vision, product strategy, product design, and product development. The CPO must display strong influence in the manufacturing, distribution, procurement, and distribution departments. The CPO essentially oversees every element of the product from its conceptualization to its launch and post-launch performance. The CPO is responsible for the building of a great product that avails a sustainable value in terms of revenue and profits for the business.


Key Deliverables

  • Formulating the Vision and Strategy of our Hardware and Software products in line with the company’s Marketing and Financial priorities.
  • Head the Product Development Department (product conception, design, manufacturing).
  • Ensure the final product is functional and meets customer expectations.
  • Research and analysis to constantly deliver disruptive and innovative technologies to Kingo’s customers.
  • Responsible for release management and production.

Principal Accountabilities

  • The CPO leads the transformation of product ideas into actionable concepts, timelines, and projects while maintaining a serious consideration of the financial implications, marketing needs, and the overall objectives of the business.
  • The CPO creates and manages a process that drives toward a scalable product portfolio that will in turn drive the business’s product profitability.
  • The CPO evaluates product and industry trends, and competition strategies.
  • The CPO plays a supervisory role to the whole Hardware and Software development teams.
  • The CPO ensures that the key functions are being executed in the most efficient way possible, leading to the overall efficiency of the Product Development Department.
  • The CPO plays a mentorship role for key product management personnel, ensuring improvement in their professional skills and offering assistance in their duties upon request.
  • The CPO is responsible for the creation of a long-term business culture and establishing the methodologies and procedures for conducting research, design conceptualization, prototyping, and product development across the entire Product Development department.
  • The CPO also engages in the interviewing, recruitment, hiring, and mentoring of key product management personnel.

Additional Information

i. Context/Environment:

  • The electricity market is mostly supplied by obsolete grid schemes, and in so has left over 1.3 billion people worldwide without access to electricity.
  • The electricity market as a whole will be disrupted dramatically through the use of distributed, renewable sources.
  • Kingo currently supply’s prepay solar energy services to communities off the grid, and aims to reach a base of 1,000,000 users by 2020.
  • Kingo’s moonshot vision is to become the world’s largest utility company in history by 2035, supplying power to 100,000,000 users, independent of being on or off-grid.
  • Kingo is at the forefront of the convergence of different disruptive technologies, which through a unique go-to-market strategy, and driven by world class team, will spearhead the world energy consumption onto 100% renewables by 2040.

ii. Knowledge, Skills & Experience Required:

  • The person filling this role should be:
    • A disruptive leader
    • Driven by results
    • Knowledgeable in the field of product development, launch, and scaling of a product in the market
    • Have commercial acumen
  • Education:
    • Phd in Physics, Business Administration, Economics, Information Technology, Product Management, Marketing, Engineering or any other related field.
    • An equivalent of this requirement in working experience is also acceptable.
  • Experience:
    • 7-10 years of experience in the area of product development and manufacturing
    • Worked with and led teams of both Hardware and Software development
    • Competence in Agile Methodology / Rapid Prototyping
    • Functional Knowledge & Skills:
      • Great communication skills
      • Demonstrate exceptional leadership skills
      • Superior Analytical skills
    •  Ideal but not mandatory requirements
      • Electromechanical knowledge
      • Programming capabilities
      • Spanish Fluent
      • Born or lived in Latin America

iii. Key Success Factors:

  • The most important metrics by which successful performance will be judged are:
    • ARPU (Average Revenue per User/Unit)
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Unit Lifetime Value
    • Time to Market

iv. Working Relationships

  • Internal:
    • Board of Directors
    • Chief Officers
    • Marketing
    • Sales and Operations
  • External:
    • Suppliers
    • Consultants


If you are interested in this position and have the experience and skills we need, then please send your CV to recruitment@kingoenergy.com.